8 Philippine Spots to Visit During The Rainy Season

Half of June already passed and this means summer is officially over.

Half of June already passed and this means summer is officially over.

Rainy season…Enter!

For the most parts of the Philippines, when the month of July enters, the rainy season marks its beginning. And this also means months of staycation. Our love for the beach gets tacked behind the sheets with the cold weather starting to devour the summer heat.

But fret not!

If you are one with a pair of really “itchy feet” and couldn’t let a month pass without seeing any tourist destination in our beautiful country, then here’s some good news for you. There are still some tourist spots you can enjoy without going through the hassles of cancelled flights, floods or the worst – not being able to do any activity because of the heavy pour of the rain.

Surely, many are thinking of taking advantage of the rainy season for cheap air fares hotel rates. But if you’re lucky enough to reach your destination safely amidst the typhoon, you’ll still end up regretting for wasting your money by hopping on a plane and booking a room, all just so you can sleep on another bed in another province.

So let’s give you some real tourist destination to visit this rainy season…


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