8 Philippine Spots to Visit During The Rainy Season

Half of June already passed and this means summer is officially over.

Half of June already passed and this means summer is officially over.

Rainy season…Enter!

For the most parts of the Philippines, when the month of July enters, the rainy season marks its beginning. And this also means months of staycation. Our love for the beach gets tacked behind the sheets with the cold weather starting to devour the summer heat.

But fret not!

If you are one with a pair of really “itchy feet” and couldn’t let a month pass without seeing any tourist destination in our beautiful country, then here’s some good news for you. There are still some tourist spots you can enjoy without going through the hassles of cancelled flights, floods or the worst – not being able to do any activity because of the heavy pour of the rain.

Surely, many are thinking of taking advantage of the rainy season for cheap air fares hotel rates. But if you’re lucky enough to reach your destination safely amidst the typhoon, you’ll still end up regretting for wasting your money by hopping on a plane and booking a room, all just so you can sleep on another bed in another province.

So let’s give you some real tourist destination to visit this rainy season…

  1. 1 Bohol

    Bohol is probably the best place to be during the rainy season. It’s all sunny and warm in Bohol from July-September. You might experience a few drizzles but you won’t actually realize it’s already the wet season with the sun rays bouncing on the white sands of the island.

    How about some dolphin watching in Baclayon or beach party in Panglao during these months?

    It is also the best timing to see the Chocolate Hills and the Tarsier Sanctuary with a bit of cool air to energize you during your walk.

  2. 2 Palawan

    Typhoons seem shy of Palawan as they rarely hit the island. Take advantage of the seat sales and book sometime in July or August for cheaper flights.

    Enjoy the white sand beaches surrounded beautifully by wildlife and humungous limestone cliffs in Coron. Then hop on a ferry and visit the astonishing El Nido. And if you have more time, Puerto Princessa should be your next stop so you can enjoy the local delicacies like crocodile sisig and kinilaw na amilok. And don’t forget to visit the world-renowned Underground River.

  3. 3 Cebu

    Often overshadowed by its neighbor, Basdaku Beach, Panagsama isn’t the first place that pops into mind, when people think of beaches in Cebu. But, this underrated Cebuano beach is slowly climbing its way into the global limelight, thanks to its jaw-dropping underwater spectacles. Not only does it boast flourishing corals, but it also home to the scintillating sardines run in Cebu. What’s more, it is home to a bunch of friendly and beautiful sea turtles. To top it all off, it has tons of affordable accommodations, and has an undeniable bohemian feel.

    Nearby is Moalboal where you can swim with the great whale sharks. Badian is also close where you can visit the Kawasan falls and take 3 high dives from the cliffs.

  4. 4 Boracay

    There’s no better time to visit Boracay than the wet season. With fewer crowds and a more peaceful vibe, you’ll basically have the beach all yourself during this time of the year. As an added bonus, you’ll get to enjoy tons of bargains for your flights, hotels and even drinks during the rainy days. And though it rains every now and then, the weather on this season is in general sunny.

  5. 5 Northern Samar

    Still not known to others, Northern Samar has a lot of sceneries that are incomparable. Cabacungan is least known to tourists but it houses some of the best shorelines in the Philippines. More astonishing than the Boracay beaches, the Cabacungan beach has pure white sand and untouched turquoise blue water.

    The Biri Beach, Punta Beach and San Antonio are just some destinations you shouldn’t miss. This province should definitely be placed on the map of Ph’s top tourist spots.

  6. 6 Antique

    It’s rainy in July but when the mid of August comes, you can already see the sun peeping through the clouds again.

    Get adventurous! If you think the best water rafting can only be found in CDO, then you’re wrong.

    Ride a kayak while paddling through the gushing waters of Tuno River. The river is part of the Tibiao River System, and flows from Mt. Madja-as and the Bugtong-bato Falls.

    The Tibiao River is one of the best white water rivers in the Philippines. It boasts of crystal clear waters suitable for white water rafting or kayaking at various grades of difficulty. 

  7. 7 Eastern Samar

    Most of the days of July and some of the days in August are sunny so it’s the perfect time to surf the waves of Guiuan.

    Guiuan is a coastal town abundant with white sand beaches that are ideal for surfing. One of the popular surfing spots in Guiuan, Eastern Samar is Calicoan Island. With its clear waters and tall waves, today it is frequented by surfers from Baler and Siargao, even if the structures around it were leveled and washed out by the supertyphoon.
    Calicoan Island is also known as the “Surfer’s Paradise.”

  8. 8 Tawi Tawi

    There’s a lot of rain during the month of August, but you’ll be able to enjoy some good sunshine all throughout July.

    The place is teeming with fresh scenery. Consisting of more than one hundred islands, Tawi-Tawi is certainly an excellent spot to explore and enjoy a number of beaches. And not only are its beaches plenty, mark my word, these are world-class Philippine beaches that we have here.

    If you’re looking for white powdery beaches and wide turquoise waters comparable to that of Boracay, the islands of Tawi-Tawi definitely won’t disappoint. As a matter of fact, many of them may even exceed your expectations.

    Don’t let your wanderlust get frustrated, pack your bags and go on an adventure. The rainy season can’t stop you from exploring our beautiful country. There are many things to do aside from our suggested list. You can go on a food trip, discover new shopping areas, try indoor sports and get fit!

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