8 Interesting First Date Chat Ideas

First dates always mean stress. For guys, this is an opportunity and a chance to make a good first impression. The most important thing is to choose the right topics for a first date conversation. When two people have a chat for the first time, there may be awkward pauses. To avoid them, you need to prepare a small list of questions to discuss with your companion. So, what to talk about with a girl on a first date? These tips are kindly provided by bridesstars.com.

Hobbies, interests

This, perhaps, is the most suitable topic for a first date chat. Talk about your free time and how you spend it. It’s important to find something in common. This will bring you a little closer to each other and relieve tension. Besides, once you learn more about your companion, you’ll be able to plan your future dates according to her tastes and preferences.


Discussing impressions from other cities and countries is easy and fun. You can talk about interesting spots you visited or tell her where you would like to go. Perhaps one of you did something extraordinary, like making a trip to the jungle or something like that, and can share impressions and experiences.

This is quite an emotional topic, and by expressing your emotions, you’ll get more chances to find a common language with your companion.

Your childhood

This is one of the easiest and fun first date conversation topics that can help you avoid awkward pauses if you have nothing to discuss. You can talk about games you loved to play as a kid, funny stories that happened to you, your school years, or even your first love. All this will help you get closer and have a lot of fun.

Work, family

Work, daily routine, family – that’s what everyday life consists of. Although such topics may seem trivial, they’re not. This way you show your companion that you’re interested in her life.

Favorite food

Ask what kind of cuisine your companion prefers, what she likes to eat and drink. Apart from learning more about her, you’ll also find out where to ask her out on a second date: to a pizzeria, sushi bar, or French restaurant. Or maybe she’d like to go to a coffee shop and drink some hot chocolate with her favorite cakes.

Life goals and dreams

First date conversation ideas like this one will show the seriousness of your intentions and future prospects for your relationship and help you learn about your companion’s priorities in life.

Relationships and personal life

It’s not the best topic to start a chat with. However, the question of relationships is very important. When the first awkwardness is behind, and both of you are relaxed, you can talk about it.

Discuss family values, what people’s traits she likes and hates, and how you both imagine a perfect relationship. It’s better not to ask the girl about her previous relationships on the first date, as this can evoke some unpleasant memories, and the evening will be spoiled.


A cheerful story will help defuse the situation and avoid the unexpected pause. However, it’s easy to mess everything up with too many jokes, so it’s important to dose them.

Things you shouldn’t talk about on the first date

There are a couple of topics that should not be discussed on the first date. Even if you two really like each other, they can spoil the whole impression:
– Try to avoid the topic of religion for some time. It’s quite a personal and serious question.
– Don’t ask about her past relationships and don’t talk about yours.
– Don’t say how much you earn and don’t complain that you don’t earn enough.
– Don’t discuss your relatives or friends with her.

Using these simple first date conversation tips, you can make a good first impression easily. The main thing is to let her feel your interest and care and show your best qualities.

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