7 Reasons why you should have uHoo at Home

As we are in the middle of pandemic, almost half of the world’s population stay mainly indoors and at home. We avoid the outdoors because of the fear of the virus, the bacterias looming on public surfaces, and the crowd. But are you sure that you are safe at home? Are you certain that the quality of air you breathe indoors is 100% safe and clean?


Claimed as the most advanced quality air sensor – uHoo is an indoor 9-in-1 Smart Air Quality Monitor that takes a complete analysis of what contains in the air we breathe. Only uHoo provides a fully comprehensive evaluation by means of measuring the temperature, humidity, dust, toxins, nitrogen dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, air pressure, and more.

Here are the 7 reasons why you should have uHoo at home:

  1. It lets you see the air you breathe

Let’s be real, we were never concerned about the quality of air we have at home. But don’t you wonder if the reason you have a hard time sleeping at night is because of bad air contaminants? uHoo helps you be certain.

  1. Improve the overall health and well-being of your family

Knowing what’s in your air helps you have the perfect environment for a healthy lifestyle. With all the information right in tips of your fingers, you could optimize air quality and avoid chronic aches and pain.

  1. Compatible in any space

It is designed for any spaces to make every nooks and crannies of the house safe and healthy from air contaminants. The device could fit in any place seamlessly with its modern and sleek form.

  1. It’s essential in this time and age

The unique technology of the uHoo Virus Index provides real-time assessment on the possible risk of having viruses at home.

  1. It tracks your progress in creating a healthier home

Get insights on how to manage your indoor air quality. It provides you with monthly reports collected and processed from real-time indoor air quality data.

  1. It’s easy to use and setup

The app and the device is very easy to setup with its minimalist design interface that anyone in the family can understand.

  1. It is a smart appliance

uHoo could be accessed through Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant, or IFTTT. It automatically connects and works with other smart devices for a multiple approach in achieving a cleaner and healthier air.

Maximizing the opportunity given by the COVID-19 pandemic, uHoo was made to spotlight and accelerate the movement towards a healthy and safe home and workplace. Initiated by a Filipino, Dustin Jefferson S. Onghangseng, the founder and CEO of uHoo wanted to provide real-time assessment on the risk of having viruses at home or in a workplace.

The uHoo 9-in-1 indoor air quality monitor can be availed from, Amazon, Lazada or Best Buy for $329.

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