6 Things That You Should Already Be Doing Online

The Internet has forever changed the way people live. Information has become more available, connecting with loved ones is faster, and shopping overseas from home has become easier. But despite the convenience the Internet’s offers, not all Filipinos take advantage of its numerous features, especially when it comes to money. Indeed, some individuals still feel wary of using banking apps and e-wallets and prefer to transact using physical cash.

The reluctance to make full use of online banking and digital wallets is unfortunate. After all, they’re easy to use, can help save a lot of time, and offer plenty of convenience. This is especially the case with the restriction measures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So if you’re seeking to save time and help ensure your safety, here are some of the things you can do online, whether from home or anywhere else.

Transfer Funds

The traditional method of transferring money involves going to a bank or ATM and depositing the cash. This method can take a long time to accomplish when you consider the commute to the bank and usually long waiting lines. In the current pandemic, you also run the risk of getting in touch with harmful pathogens and becoming sick while you run your errand.

While this traditional method still works, people can save so much time and energy by signing up on their bank’s website or installing a digital wallet on their phone. Most banks also have their own mobile apps, allowing you to quickly send money anywhere, any time. You can even transfer money between your chosen banks and e-wallets, which can help you significantly become more organized with your finances.

Receive Money

If you can transfer money, you can receive it as well. Individuals living in neighborhoods with no nearby ATMs benefit significantly from this feature. The same applies to people living overseas. This is because they can send money in the Philippines through online banking and have their loved ones receive the funds easily and conveniently.

Online sellers and freelance workers are also among the individuals who can benefit significantly from online banking. After all, they would no longer need to set up a physical shop or rely on outdated methods to receive their payments. This can then help them save resources that might be best allocated to more important aspects of their business. Additionally, with the introduction of QR codes, they can safely share a unique and secure code to receive funds without sharing personal details.

Monitoring Balance and Transaction History

Part of being financially responsible is knowing how much money you have on-hand and online. By doing so, you get a clearer picture of your finances and help ensure that you and your family have enough money for your daily necessities. Thus, it’s good practice to always check your balance before and after transferring or receiving funds. With digital wallets and online banking, checking account balances has become significantly easier. Moreover, you’ll also receive notifications when something’s amiss, such as a withdrawal or purchase you did not make. In such cases, make sure to contact your bank or the proper authorities immediately.

Pay Bills

While the world may have seemed to stop due to COVID-19, the bills certainly have not. Even with pandemic restrictions, you still need to make ends meet per month and pay off utility companies to ensure functioning electricity, water, and Internet connection.

Fortunately, most banking apps have “Pay Bills” functions. Several utility companies, like Meralco and Manila Water Company, have partnered with multiple banks and digital wallets, allowing you to swiftly settle your bills. Pay your bills on time and ensure that your home’s in tip-top shape by taking advantage of these features.

Top Up Your Load

While people are used to going to the local sari-sari store to buy load, several apps now also offer them—sometimes at discounted prices! As long as your bank card or digital wallet is connected to the app, you can top up mobile load easily and quickly. This feature is especially helpful when the local store is closed or too far for you to travel to.

Purchase Goods

Online shopping became the new normal upon pandemic restrictions. While there was already an increasing trend for online shopping before the first lockdowns started, the use of shopping apps soared after community quarantine. Of course, it’s important to support local businesses in your area, but for goods that are not readily available, you can quickly look for them online.

Go cashless by connecting your bank card or using your e-wallet to pay for items on the Internet. It makes deliveries more efficient and prevents physical money handling. For a more enjoyable shopping experience, make sure to stick to reputable sellers and shopping apps that offer customer protection and will ensure that you get your orders safe and on time.

Overall, the Internet offers several banking features that, sadly, not all Filipinos have tapped into. After all, time is money, and while traditional methods of actions above still work, they can still cost you a lot of time and resources. By taking advantage of these apps and their features, not only are you saving resources but you will be able to allocate them to other things as well. Whether it’s finishing a task at work or spending more time with your family, these websites and apps are here to help you spend time and energy better.


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