6 Steps to Throwing the Perfect TV or Movie Marathon Night at Home

While cinemas and theaters remain closed around the country, there is no reason why you can’t replicate the experience in the comfort of your home. But instead of just watching just one film, why not get together with others to marathon a bunch of movies or binge an entire season of a TV series instead? It’s a lot more fun and it will surely be a bonding experience for you and your family or housemates. But how exactly do you go about organizing such an event at home? Here are some vital steps that you cannot afford to miss:

1.) Make Sure Your TV Is in Tip-top Shape First

A great movie night doesn’t just happen spontaneously. You will need to set the scene, and you’ll need a working television in your home. In the age of Netflix and smart devices, most of us tend to watch films and TV shows on our phones and laptops. As a result, our television sets end up getting ignored. Ensure that your TV is working properly first so you can have it repaired or replaced prior to the marathon. If you must replace your TV, look for the best television brand for your needs and budget.

2.) Choose the Show or Movies Ahead of Time

For everyone’s viewing pleasure, it’s important to agree on what TV show or movies you’ll all be watching during the marathon. Everyone has different tastes, so try to stray away from shows or movies that are too niche or have explicit content (especially if there are children in your group). If all your loved ones happen to love superhero or sci-fi movies, marathoning the Avenger movies or the Star Wars films is something that may appeal to everyone. This can apply to a TV show as well.

However, it might be hard to decide on a single genre if everyone’s tastes are too different. Another way to go about this is to pick a certain actor or director. You can have everyone select and agree to watch a few films from their filmography. But if your group isn’t too picky, you can allow each person to pick one movie they want to watch during the marathon. That way, the movie night can be more interesting for everyone involved.

3.) Get Cozy

To get ready for long hours of TV or movie watching, make sure the area is as comfortable as possible. Move the furniture to clear a space where you can put a banig or mattress on the floor where people can lie and sit on. Bring pillows and blankets along so people can get comfortable and stay warm too. Of course, you should also dress appropriately for a relaxing day or night ahead.

4.) Create the Right Ambiance

Recreate the movie theater experience at home by dimming the lights, setting up the surround sound, and having the air conditioner on while watching. This can really help everyone get into whatever film or episode is on. You can add further to this immersive experience by adding colorful night lights or a few scented candles. These seem like small details, but they can make a difference if you’re serious about setting the scene for a TV or movie marathon.

5.) Don’t Skimp on Food

What is a TV or movie marathon without something to eat while watching? You can order a large meal that everyone can share from a fast food place, like a large pizza or a bucket of chicken. That can be considered your lunch or dinner already. If people would prefer to snack on something instead, make sure you have enough candy, popcorn, chichirya, and peanuts to go around for everyone to enjoy.

When grocery shopping for this marathon, always buy more than you think you’ll need. Nothing is worse than running out of snacks in the middle of a marathon, after all. So to be on the safe side, decide on an amount to buy, and add one or two more to the count.

6.) Ensure That People Have Something to Drink, Too

An intense or action-packed movie marathon can really make people thirsty, so make sure you have beverages ready, too. Water is always essential, but don’t be afraid to have variety as well. Make enough hot water for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and ensure that you have enough cold beer or wine if people prefer to drink alcohol. If you’re watching with children, they can have juice or soda instead. You can have people bring their own mugs or tumblers to prevent people’s drinks from being taken during the movie or TV show viewing as well.

Having a TV or movie marathon night at home can be a source of great entertainment and enjoyable experience. By planning ahead and following the steps in this article, you can successfully plan the first of many fun viewing events that your friends and family will enjoy.

Written by Gabriel

Introvert, wanderer, blogger, foodie, a hip-hop music writer, and one of the co-founders of a tech start-up company called GigsManila.


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