500K GCash Wallet? Better Believe It!

Are you having a difficult time always going to convenience stores or doing bank transfers for your GCash cash-in? Having a hard time with the GCash wallet limit? Well, there is a simple way to prevent such issues which also comes with many perks for a heavy GCash user like you. How? You can simply connect your valid bank and/or debit cards to your Gcash account.

When you do so, you will receive a message from GCash congratulating you with an increase on your wallet limit of Php 500,000! Having a hard time believing it? Well, this sample message below will probably convince you even more.

Yet you may still ask, how is that possible? Recently, GCash has announced that linking GCash to the debit cards from the following banks will increase the user’s wallet limits. These will be from BPI, UnionBank and all locally-issued, MasterCard/Visa enabled debit cards.

On the other hand, GCash MasterCard, Paypal, and American Express Virtual Pay Card are NOT considered as linked bank accounts. Therefore, it cannot qualify the user to an increase in wallet limits.

If you are curious with the difference on the new limits for GCash users with and without linked bank accounts, you can check the table below:

If you are curious as to why merely linking your bank account can increase your previous GCash limit, it is related to the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas mandate to GCash that wallet limit should be Php 100, 000. But having a valid bank account and linking it to your GCash account, presents the concept that you are a fully-verifiable person as you have been able to acquire both accounts.

So, I guess I have finally convinced you to believe with the Php 500k limit? If not, then you better believe it!

Written by Gabriel

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