5 things you’ve missed out on Hwang In Yeop’s First Fan Meeting

You’ve known him as the most loved second lead in True Beauty and one of the lead actors in The Sound of Magic. Hwang In Yeop concluded his first-ever official fan meeting in the Philippines last September 26. Hosted by Applewood and Ovation Productions, Manila was set to be the last stop for his 1st Fan-meeting tour in Asia which started on July 24 in Seoul. Now, without further ado, will give you 5 things you missed out on Hwang in Youp’s Fan Meeting.

  1. His fan service is a solid TEN.

Hwang In Yeop’s fan service is one of the best that I’ve ever seen amongst other K-Actors. Even though he is known to be very shy, during the event, his shyness completely went away. He always agrees to HIYLIY’s requests like dancing to the well-known “Okey Dokey” dance from True Beauty, saying *kilig* Filipino phrases like Mahal Kita.

What’s more endearing is that on the games portion of the event where HIYLIY gets to play with HIY, he never fails to request to have eye contact with the lucky fan.

  1. He is a Filipino by heart

As you might have known, Hwang In Yeop stayed in Davao during his high school years. So, every time Sam Oh asks him questions he makes sure to connect them with stories he had in the Philippines. Especially when asked about why he started acting and how was he able to learn basketball. You’ll feel how much he remembers the time when he stayed in the PH.

  1. Hwang In Youp’s serenade sounds like “heaven”

Of course, we all know Hwang In Yeop is a lovely singer, debuting his singing in the drama 18 Again, he opens the fan meeting event by serenading us with his drama OST ‘Starlight’. Without a doubt, the HIYLIYs were swaying with the music and screaming because of HIY’s sugary voice. He also shared a glimpse of the song My Heart is Beating, which is a performance he did in 18 Again.

  1. He’s a total ‘Halo-Halo’ fan

During the quiz portion, HIY was presented with Halo-Halo as his price, which he was very surprised about as he just ate it the night before. He also shared that he bought in hiding wearing a cap and an all-black outfit. To my surprise, he was a Filipino by heart, as he was not mixing the halo-halo because it might spill over even though it was supposed to be eaten like that.

  1. He’s very sincere about his acting roles

No doubt, that HIY is at the peak of his career as he was one of the sought-after actors today, with an offered lead role in a recent drama ‘Why Her?’ even just after finishing The Sound of Magic. So don’t worry guys with Hwang In Yeop’s acting prowess, he will be on your TV screen sooner than later as he just teased us about his upcoming secret project.

For more scoop about K-Drama and K-Pop world, stay tuned on this blog. Thank you to Ovation Productions for making this event happen.

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Written by Ria Sanchez


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