5 Reasons Why Tower of Fantasy is a fantastic MMORPG Game

Tower of Fantasy (TOF) is an upcoming game by Level Infinite and Hotta Studios that looks to shake things up in the open-world gacha genre in a huge way. Tower of Fantasy’s sci-fi appeal is aiming for the stars as it goes all out on the beautiful anime aesthetic and action-packed gameplay.

Here’s why you should check out Tower of Fantasy if you are an open-world lover:

  1. Futuristic Waifus and Husbandos
  2. A good gacha game must always have excellent waifus and husbandos; Tower of Fantasy has this in droves. Apart from a highly customizable player character, the gacha system in this game is primarily for weapons. Whenever you get a weapon, you will get the signature character skin of whoever wields it. TOF offers a new choice of open-world gameplay where you have to pull for both characters and weapons separately; in Tower of Fantasy, you get the skin of the character and the weapon simultaneously. Looks kill in this game.

    1. A War Between Factions
    2. Tower of Fantasy is set in the world of Aida. In the world of Aida, there are three warring factions: Hykros, Heirs of Aida, and the Hyenas. Each of these factions has different goals in this world as they duke it out for a precious resource called Omnium. Hykros believes that Omnium is the key to a brighter tomorrow and are fanatical about their cause. The Heirs of Aida believe that the excess use of Omnium will expedite the destruction of the world and fight against it. The Hyenas are scavengers and raiders looking to take advantage of the chaos in the on-going war around the planet. Up to you to choose which side to support.

      1. Uncharted Worlds

      Tower of Fantasy’s Aida is a vast open-world waiting to be explored. The highly unique aesthetics in different maps or zones amplifies the sci-fi vibes of the game. As you explore you’ll get to meet all sorts of alien life from the flora to the fauna. With lots of ground to cover in Tower of Fantasy there are a multitude of vehicles to get around in the game. From high tech gliders to Tron-like motorcycles and hoverboards, players will be able to explore the world of Aida with flair in Tower of Fantasy.

      1. Multiplayer Raids!

      When you get tired of single-player open-world games, TOF also offers a new choice of how you can play in an open-world: Party up! With Tower of Fantasy’s focus on multiplayer situations and bosses, we could be getting an experience much closer to the traditional MMO vibes.

      1. Battle Royale

      Tower of Fantasy’s most interesting mode is a Battle Royale of some kind. An amalgamation of the

      Gacha genre with Battle Royale seems like a genius idea if you think about it. With a large map        and different vehicles to commandeer, this might be a match made in heaven. No further details about this mode have been made concrete, but it’s going to be very interesting to see if Tower of Fantasy does go through with this Battle Royale mode. Our interest is piqued.

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