5+ Reasons To Visit Corregidor Right Away

Visiting historical sites has been more like a fieldtrip than an exciting tour for me. Surely, it can get thrilling to see all the things you read on books in real life but it feels like there’s nothing more to do in historical spots than just listening to what your tour guide has to say.

But times have changed! Today, touring companies came up with smart itineraries and fun activities to make the walk down the memory lane a fantastic one.

Apart from the most-visited Rizal Park/Luneta, Leyte Landing Monument, Sandugo Shrine, Mactan Shrine and Calle Crisologo, Corregidor is another historical site that every Filipino should experience. But unlike the former spots which are very straightforward on what they have to showcase, Corregidor is one big island that has more than a dozen of attractions and activities to offer.

Here are some of them (ghost hunting not included):

  1. 1 Sunset from Battery Grubbs

    Given its strategic location on the island with a view of the West, Battery Grubbs is also one of the best places to catch a view of the sunset on the entirety of Corregidor.

  2. 2 The Hospital Ruins Tour

    Visit the old ruins of Corregidor’s hospital, one of the most eerie locations on the island. You can even see writings scattered around the walls made by Muslim soldiers years ago.

  3. 3 Lateral Tunnels Tour

    Same venue as the day trip – in the Malinta Tunnel, but this time if you’re staying overnight, you get to visit the back side and go deeper into the mountain – you see how intricate the structures really are, with the air vents and all, as well as little nooks and crannies which served as hiding spots and temporary hospitals. Please wear proper shoes, however. I was personally in sandals, definitely not recommended. It’s a rocky path and you’ll need to duck and bend a lot, not for the claustrophobic.

    The guide occasionally asks you to turn off your helmet lights – just to let you experience how things were like during the actual war, total darkness. Of course I was scared because of the bloodshed-filled history of the tunnels but we all survived and had fun in the end. Might be good for those who are interested in ghost hunting.

  4. 4 Sunrise over the Tail End

    Really pretty view of the sunrise from the tail end of the island – be sure to get up early to catch the great view, however.

  5. 5 More time to swim in the South Beach

    When I went before, it was so packed we didn’t really have the opportunity to do a lot of things in Corregidor – but now we had ample time, although we did have to wake up early two days in a row. Aside from swimming and relaxing by the water, you can also do some water activities here such as kayaking and zipline.

Other things to see in Corregidor

  • Battery Way
  • Battery Hearn
  • Cine Corregidor
  • Corregidor Inn
  • Faro de Isla Corregidor
  • Filipino Heroes Memorial
  • Japanese Garden of Peace
  • Lorcha Dock
  • Malinta Tunnel
  • Mile Long Barracks
  • Middleside Barracks
  • Pacific War Memorial Complex

But while all these activities seem fun to do, one of the reasons why Corregidor hasn’t seen as many visitors as the other sites had is its accessibility. Before, the island was hard for tourists to reach because of the lack of transportation but Sun Cruises has helped transport people to Corregidor until it was once again placed at the must-visit places in Luzon.

And here’s a good news. The most celebrated place in the Pacific during the World War II will now become easier to reach as the Corregidor Foundation (CFI), the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Infrastructure and Economic Zone Authority (TIEZA), in their effort to entice more tourists to see the island in Cavite unveiled the new brand of Corregidor Now. 

And to bring out the strong tourism potential of Corregidor, these organizations are redeveloping the island and rehabilitate the Corregidor South Dock Pier. Under the marketing campaign, they will implement more proactive promotional efforts in various forms of media to inform the public and entice target markets to visit the island. 

So expect to see great improvements in the island this year to optimize the touring experience of adventurers.

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