5 Reasons to Keep Coming Back in GoodAh!

Nothing beats the good ol’ native delicacies of Pinoys. Although you’ll already see the influence of Western, Eastern and other Asia Pacific countries in the food industry of Metro Manila, we still go back to our all-time favorites like Dinuguan, Goto and the irresistible Silogs!

And there’s only one place in Manila to experience the yummy goodness of Filipino foods – GoodAh!!! – the place where tapsilog was born.

You’re not considered a true Manileño if you haven’t at least once in your life dined in at GoodAh!!! With 30 years of serving the people in Metro Manila, GoodAh!!! has already become a true icon, starting trends in dining and menus.

30 years and it’s continuously ladling out the best fast food that’s good “for every all,” rain or shine, it is “25 hours open!” 

And to keep you updated of the newest meals and my favorites in their menu, I listed down a couple that you too should try out today!


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