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5 Home Decor Tips to Attract Good Feng Shui Energy


Every year is a new slate to start over. You’ll have countless opportunities to grow, heal, and learn. Besides glowing up inside and out, the new year is also the chance for you to establish a home that promotes balance, wellness, and prosperity. A few feng shui principles might help you build such a space for your personal growth, career progression, and overall well-being.

Here are five home decor tips to attract good energy for the whole of 2022:

Declutter Your Space

Clearing space is one way to make room for new ones or get rid of items that no longer spark joy. Take a look at your wardrobe and room to assess which things you can keep, give away, or dispose of. You’ll be surprised at the number of objects that overwhelm your space and block positive vibes from entering your home! After decluttering, you’ll have more space to allow air to circulate your home more efficiently. In addition, you’ll also have new space to store items that promote health, growth, and happiness.

Decluttering is also one way for some to achieve minimalism in their homes. People living in smaller spaces, such as an apartment for rent in Iloilo City, may maintain their homes more efficiently by tidying and decluttering regularly.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are functional and decorative items that help bounce light into any space. Whether it is a house for rent Minglanilla or an apartment for rent in Bacolod City, adding mirrors help brighten and visually expand a home, making them more open and welcoming.

That said, place mirrors in different rooms in your home. However, having a mirror in your hallway might repel prosperity, health, and balance equally into your home. Your bedroom, bathroom, and dining area are other excellent spots to hang mirrors to attract good luck and positive vibes. Use the bagua (a traditional protective amulet used in the classical feng shui schools) to guide you to place mirrors correctly inside your home.

Place House Plants

House plants best represent the wood element, which symbolizes zen, wellness, and balance. Indoor greens, such as Lucky Bamboo, peace lilies, and spider plants are excellent for warding off evil spirits and cleansing traces of negative energy in your home. These plants also purify the air, repel bugs, and bring light to your space.

Let Air and Light In

Ample lighting and good air circulation are crucial for an inviting and comfortable home. While hanging mirrors help bounce light better, opening your windows is an excellent way to let natural air and lighting inside your home. Allowing air and light flow ensures a constant flow of good energy inside your home. A well-illuminated and well-ventilated home equates to harmony, balance, comfort, and happiness.

Incorporate Yin and Yang

In Chinese belief, the two opposing but connected forces, Yin and Yang, are the foundations of feng shui. When decorating your home, apply this concept of balance to invite good vibes, abundance, peace, and wellness.

For example, you’ve hung mirrors and added lamps to increase the brightness of your home. Balance that out by adding dark accents, such as black or gray pillow covers, carpets, and plant containers. If your rooms primarily have neutral tones, add splashes of color to create beautiful contrasts.

Incorporating feng shui beliefs into your home’s interior design is one way to establish a home that encourages peace, wellness, progress, and wealth. Use these five tips to decorate your space and build a well-maintained home this 2022!

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