5 Gin-Based Cocktails To Elevate The 11th One Gin Nation Day Party

If you grew up in the Philippines, you’re probably familiar with that the drinking staples from barkada inumans include the legendary gin. From the Gin pomelo to Wengweng and a lot more mixes, our youth was filled with good memories we were able to create from one too many blurry drunken nights. 

And speaking of liquors and cocktails, the Philippines is currently celebrating an extended World Gin Day 2019, turning it into a festivity that will be experienced by the whole nation!

Last June 7, we stood and partied as “One Gin Nation” with the country’s pioneering spirit, Ginebra San Miguel. The big event has been an observance of camaraderie, good food, and awesome spirits. All these and more at this year’s festivities were the things not to be missed. 


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