5 Factors You Need to Consider When Buying A Home

Buying a home is a good investment for you and your family, renting a house that requires you to pay a monthly rent is such a waste of money. To be able to find a good house investment and to finally cross out your dream house to your bucket list, here are 5 factors you need to consider if you’d like to buy your new home.

  1. Security – To protect your valuables and family even when you’re not at home, a housing community you should choose must have 24 hours’ security, to lessen your worries even while at work.
  2. Accessibility – Are there any schools, hospitals and other attractions near your chosen real estate company? Everyone wants to be near business establishments and if in case in emergency they will no longer need to travel for hours. Luckily, Bellavita is indeed accessible to schools and hospitals such as:

– San Pablo Medical Center
– Santo Thomas General Hospital
– PUP Sto. Tomas
– Batangas State University

  1. Child-Friendly Environment – Just like you as parents, your kids do not want to be bored when you transfer to your new home, there are open spaces and pocket parks within the vicinity of Bellavita; an ideal place where your kids can play safely. This will also enhance the sociability skills of your children; they would know how to make friends and make decisions in simple ways whenever they play with other homeowners’ children.
  2. The Age of A Property – If you think that buying a second-hand property will lessen your expenses, you’re wrong. Old houses could bring you more problems, there would be leaks and damaged circuits, and it’s highly recommended to buy a new property where both of you as a couple can choose the equipment and design of your home. Here in Bellavita, we do not sell “second-hand property” hence, we only promise to give you nothing but the best newly built houses to keep you comfortable as much as possible.
  3. A place to hold your special events – Take advantage of Bella Vita’s clubhouse for birthdays, graduation celebration, family gatherings, and holiday functions. As a real estate company, we want to provide you a place not just to stay but also a venue for special celebrations, no need to travel in places just to celebrate. To ensure less hassle preparation, clubhouse in Bella Vita is exclusively for homeowners only.

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