40-weeks Preggy Dances to “Thriller”, Said To Help Induce Labor

If someone tells you that dancing your pregnant belly to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will help you induce labor, will you dance the MJ way? Bonnie Northsea did.

This 32-year old, 40-weeks pregnant mom donned her blue sweats and matching blue sports bra and did a 3-minute-25-seconds recording of her Thriller dance. Unassumingly, she uploaded her video on Facebook and YouTube reaching 1 million views and counting.

With her bulging belly, she dances with no inhibition that impressed the people.

Northsea just found out her husband to have testicular cancer. And this video has been a happy moment for the family. The viral video has been a help as it added laughter to their family and closeness in times of difficulty, she told the PEOPLE magazine.

As of February 17, she has yet to deliver and she is trying other methods to jumpstart her labor. It has been six days after her due date last February 17.

Watch the video of her Thriller moves.

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