4 Unique Things to do in Vancouver

Being known as the Hollywood of Canada, Vancouver has a lot of beautiful sceneries and places to go to. The city is a balance of modern urban structures and unmatched natural environment. It also has everything from the most exciting city scene to the extreme outdoor attractions. I know that traveling is tough this pandemic but, it is never too wrong to plan your itineraries ahead while waiting for things to go well. As a place of grandeur, I will help you maximize your vacation, guiding you the most unique things to do from winter to fall.

  1. Spring
    As the season for great outdoors, Spring in Vancouver is the best time of the year. So, it calls for whale watching. Seeing huge creatures like gray whales, orcas, and other sea mammals from April to October is a one in a year chance. If you are that lucky, you might see hunting bears and nesting eagles along the shore too.
    Whale watching can be done in Granville Island, Coal Harbor, and Vancouver Island, and other locations.
  2. Summer
    Go bare in Wreck beach, swimming by the beach is not unique until everyone out there is naked. The Wreck Beach is a 7.8 kilometers wide golden sand naturist beach. It has a clothes-optional policy and hosts games and events during summer like the Skinny-Dipping event and the Bare Buns Run.
    To go tanning without tan lines the beach is located near the edge of the University of British Columbia in the Pacific Spirit National Park. BUT as the sign says – do not gawk and stare and taking photos of other people are not allowed.
  3. Fall
    When the leaves start turning into yellow, fall is right around the corner. It just means its Halloween night, and what is Halloween without a bit of a scare? Vancouver has an annual Halloween event, called the Fright Nights, that takes place in the entire amusement park. It has exhibits and live shows that is truly bone-chilling like the SLAYLAND, tricks & treat experience, Monsters of Schlock and other scary surprises.
    Do not forget about the rides though – if you like an extreme hair-raising experience, go for the seven haunted mansions.
  4. Winter
    Just because it is cold and rainy, it doesn’t mean outdoor activities are a no-no. There are plenty of winter activities in Vancouver and one of them is skiing, but if skiing is not your thing – I have the perfect place for you. Capilano Suspension Bridge is indeed beautiful all-year-round, but it is much better during winter. Do not worry about the short days because the Canyon Lights will do the work for you. Cross the suspension bridge while looking at the beautiful lights of the canyon and the surrounding forest.

Aren’t you sold yet? These are just some sneak peeks of what you can do in Vancouver all year and maybe you might want to check Vancouver homes for sale if you think Vancouver is the city for you. The diversity will shock you because didn’t I told you? that this is the only place to experience skiing and surfing in the same day.

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