4 easy ways to make your chikitings grow happy at home

Learning new things by exploring and playing is an enjoyable way to keep your chikitings active and happy. But with fewer opportunities to go out and more time spent indoors, it can be challenging for your little ones to have more playtime and fun adventures. To help moms have better bonding experiences with their chikitings, Nestogrow 4 launched the 99+ Ways to Grow Happy at Home campaign, which features fun learning and snacking ideas available at the Nestle Mom & Me website, which you can try at the comforts of your home.

Even celebrity mom Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo resonates well with this campaign as she has also been teaching her kids about different outdoor games they can do at home. “Dahil lagi lang kaming nasa bahay, tinuro ko kay Luna yung mga larong Pilipino– patintero, tumbang preso, habulan, at taguan. It was a very good bonding experience for us as a family,” shared Judy Ann.

Here are some ways you and your #GrowHappy chikitings can make the most out of your bonding moments at home today:

Schedule a Grow Happy Hour. Because your chikitings are at home most of the time, it’s crucial to maintain a daily and weekly routine to study, play, and even rest. You should also set a Grow Happy Hour, a special time wherein you and your kids bond without any distractions.

Pay full attention. With everyone’s fast-paced lives, it can be tempting to multitask and pay less attention to your chikitings. That’s why you should make it a point to pay full attention to your little ones when you’re spending time together. You can do this by simply turning off or putting your mobile device on silent mode whenever you’re together.

Teach your child how to set goals. Your chikiting needs to learn how to set goals to be happy. You can even make a vision board together, so you have something tangible to refer to. You just have to remember that your chikiting’s goals need to be S.M.A.R.T: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.

Nurture your kid with a healthy tummy. Your chikiting should have proper nutrition as it supports your child’s healthy growth and development. “It is very important to give an adequate and balanced diet. Syempre dapat wasto at sapat ang hinahain nating pagkain sa ating mga chikiting,” said Dra. Olay. She also explained the basic food groups, Go, Glow, and Grow, the importance of having age-appropriate milk included in chikitings’ meals, and how everything starts with a healthy tiyan adding that “almost 80% of anti-body producing cells comes from the gut.” So when they feel right, they can enjoy other ways to #GrowHappy! “Bilang mommies kailangan po natin i-check kung may probiotics ba yung gatas na binibigay natin because it contributes to a healthy tummy,” Dr. Olay added.

One way to ensure your chikitings are getting the proper nutrition they need is by giving them Nestogrow 4. Nestogrow 4 is proud to be the only growing up milk with COMFORTIS GROW, which is a unique combination of L.Comfortis probiotic, magnesium, calcium, special fat blend with calcium friendly fatty acids, and 100% lactose that helps in the nutrient absorption in the tummies of chikitings, so they grow happy and healthy.

Lastly, Mommy Judy Ann continues to remind other mommies that sometimes, it’s okay to not be okay but it’s a choice to choose happiness. “Laging tandaan, the first step to growing up happy ay nagsisimula sa kumpletong NutriTYAN papunta sa puso at sa isip. Ang chikiting na happy ang tummy ay happy ang puso at laging handa ang isip para matuto at harapin ang kahit na anong klaseng challenges ng buhay,” she added. After all, giving your kids happy, healthy childhoods could set them up for success in life!

For other tips on how to grow happy at home, check out Nestle’s Mom and Me website at or watch this fun and entertaining storytelling video posted on Nestogrow’s official Facebook page at!

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