3 Reasons to Start A TNVS Business

The dawn of ride-sharing and ride-hailing apps like Grab, Hype or Owto brought about a new transport phenomenon in the country especially in big cities where campuses and business centers are situated.

These platforms quickly became the go-to alternative when taxis and other public transport are scarce. In fact, they have become the preferred commute option for majority of the Juan dela Cruz nation.

The trend led to the formation of TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Service) which refers to the regulation of all existing app-based ride-hailing

Going back, many commuters now use the services, leading many vehicle owners to consider earning extra income from TNVS.  This is the first reason why car owners apply for TNVS.

If you have extra vehicles too and wish to register for TNVS permit, but are looking for more reasons before finally doing so, then here’s more:



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