3 Reasons That Will Make Pinoys Fall in Love With Sarangani Bay Bangus

Filipinos can’t last a month without their favorite bangus on the table. Whether it is a Relleno, Sinigang, Fried, Smoked, or Paksiw, no Pinoy can’t get enough of our native-cultured milkfish. But along with its rich flavor are plenty of fish bones, which make home-cooking for most a daunting task.

Daunting until Sarangani Bay made cooking with bangus much easier!

Moms will love to invent and dabble onto ingredients even more now that the family-fave bangus is kitchen-ready, making cooking almost instant. And don’t worry that it wouldn’t be fresh like any other frozen goods because Sarangani Bay found a way to seal the freshness of their high-quality bangus. In fact, it’s one of the prime bangus you can buy from grocery stores.
There’s so much to love about this brand and their bangus and three of them worth-mentioning are:

1. Freshness inside a pack

Comparing Sarangani Bay Bangus with other processed milkfish products, this brand shows more vibrance and life, which is a clear indication of its freshness. Opening its pack, there’s no unpleasant odor, which is a sign that it’s not spoilt or packed with heavy preservatives. The fish also comes in bigger cuts than the others and the meat is leaner.

2. Cook more with more variety of bangus options

There’s so much recipe you can make out of a single bangus and Sarangani Bay already prepared their milkfish for each of these delicacies so you no longer have to stress out on looking for and processing ingredients.

Sarangani Bay Bangus comes in Unseasoned variant, Boneless Milkfish Regular Belly, Boneless Milkfish Prime Belly, Boneless Milkfish Regular Marinated, Boneless Milkfish Back Fillet, Boneless Milkfish Baby Size, Boneless Milkfish Regular Smoked, Boneless Milkfish Tocino Style, Boneless Baby Size Smoked, Sisig Deboned Milkfish Fillet, Boneless Milkfish Stuffed Relleno, and Tapa Deboned Milkfish Fillet. But that’s not all because there are bottled and fresh frozen varieties too!

With this much selection, you can surely serve a unique bangus meal every week that will make your family surely delighted!

Your Unseasoned Sarangani Bay Bangus is perfect for general cooking so you can turn it to sinigang or paksiw when you wish a sourful meal. Seafood Gambas? Or a fried for breakfast? The Boneless Milkfish Marinated can be your best partner. The Smoked Boneless Milkfish is a culinary gem, and can be great for your experimental or gourmet cooking.

3. Sure safe pre-packed bangus

Sarangani Bay Bangus is a brand by Alsons Aquaculture Corporation which is known for its quality products since 1988. It has been producing fish products for the Filipino people throughout those decades and now it’s already recognized in overseas countries.

Indeed, there’s a lot to be proud about our own bangus and Sarangani Bay found a way to emphasize its delectable flavor. Sarangani Bay is available in selected S&R, Robinsons, Shopwise, SM Supermarket, Waltermart, Rustans nationwide. Grab some fresh catch and bring delight to your family!

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