3 Common Feeding Myths that Parents Believe

Parenthood is one of the most, if not the most, difficult jobs in the world. It does not come with a manual that teaches parents what to do in raising their kids.

Commonly, parents learn along the way with the knowledge past to them by their own parents or elders in their families and/or communities.

One of the early challenges that every parent encounter is the struggle of feeding their children nutritious food.

There are even myths that have been passed on to generations that hinder parents from feeding their kids proper food.

Here are some of the myths we grew to know and some ways we can overcome them.

Myth 1:

Kids dislike vegetables.


Vegetables may be intimidating for kids making them resistant veggie eaters, but they can learn to like them, while some kids are selective vegetable eaters.

What can you do about it?

Creativity plays a big role in teaching your kids to choose to eat vegetables. Making a vegetable dish that is appealing to your kid’s eyes can ease their intimidation from veggies and allowing them to think that it is fun to eat nutritious food.

Pairing vegetables to your kid’s favorite food is also a good technique to introduce veggies into their meal. You can make homemade pizza using bits of broccoli, spinach, and pepper under a good amount of cheese.

Myth 2:

To get your kids to eat vegetables, bribe them with dessert.


This practice builds the idea that vegetables are that bad they need to be bribed.

What can you do about it?

Walk the talk. Do what you say. The point is, to encourage your kids to eat vegetables they should witness you eating veggies. It creates a trust that what you are giving them is good because you eat them as well, but make sure not to pressure them.

Myth 3:

If your child does not like a food, do not bother serving it again.


Kids are untrusting to things, let alone to unfamiliar food.

What can you do about it?

Patience is the key! Contrary to the myth you must continually serve vegetables as regular as possible to build familiarity.

Do not pressure your kids to eat certain food items. A better way to do is to serve vegetables mixed in their favorite food. When your kid becomes familiar with the smell, taste, and texture of a particular vegetable they will grow to like it eventually.

Indeed, parenthood is difficult, but it is most definitely worth it, especially when you can provide them what they need to grow up healthy and happy.

Living a healthy lifestyle or promoting a healthy lifestyle might be a tricky part to teach our kids but you should start them young to give them a good foundation for a responsible and healthy life.

I hope these tips will help you daddies and mommies and if you need more of these topics or healthy living tips do not forget to follow up on our social media accounts to know more.

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