2019 Greenhills EntrePinoys named

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs get a chance to test their business concepts

Five new Greenhills EntrePinoys will have an opportunity to see their business ideas take flight and have their very own stalls right at the Philippines’ ultimate shopping destination this Christmas season.

Besting several other aspiring entrepreneurs after a rigid selection process were Bagnet Rice Patong, Belly Monster, Genaro’s Bibingka, TJ’s Bangus, and Lemonchino, who were named the 2019 Greenhills EntrePinoys.

For their prize, the winners will be given a stall for free for three (3) months at the country’s ultimate shopping destination, Greenhills, where they could sell their products during the peak shopping months of October to December. This will allow them to market their services to a greater number of people, and help build the foundation to get their businesses running for the long term.

At least 24 enterprises underwent a long screening process that involved participating in a payday food fair for a 3-month period from July to September, during which they were evaluated based on sales, public rating, and booth styling and presentation. The contenders were also graded based on the way they engaged with the market on the ground and on social media. A team from Greenhills Leasing and Mercato Centrale took part in the evaluation process, which led to the awarding of the top five contenders.

The five winners will have the chance to follow the footsteps of many successful endeavors that first took root in Greenhills, the starting ground of many successful Filipino enterprises throughout the years. Among the big business names that first started their humble operations in Greenhills are brands like Bayo, Kamiseta, Bench, Folded & Hung, Gift Gate, Alberto, Astro Vision, Plains & Prints, and Celine.

The Greenhills EntrePinoy program is part of Ortigas & Company’s efforts to stir entrepreneurship among Filipinos, using the mall as a business incubator. Greenhills actively holds talks by industry professionals to help promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among Filipinos, while providing the retail space that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to most effectively reach their market.

“EntrePinoy shows our commitment to promote Filipino entrepreneurship,” said Ortigas &
Company President Mr. Jaime E. Ysmael. “We are hopeful that the new Greenhills EntrePinoy winners will make the most of this experience and become success stories that we can be proud of. This is a win-win situation that also benefits consumers, who we believe will benefit from these entrepreneurs’ ideas and products,” he said.

As further proof of its commitment to Filipino entrepreneurs, Ortigas Malls plans to make EntrePinoy a yearly event that would help aspiring entrepreneurs take their business ideas from vision to reality.

Check out the stalls of Bagnet Rice Patong, Belly Monster, Genaro’s Bibingka, TJ’s Bangus, and Lemonchino at Greenhills to experience the best offerings of the 2019 Greenhills EntrePinoy winners.

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