15: The Number of Success

Whether it’s the ‘first’ or the ‘15th’, anniversaries are momentous occasions meant to be celebrated for the journey involved to get there, and the anticipation for what’s to come.

It is with this perspective that Convergys Philippines, one of the largest and leading BPO companies in the country, celebrates its 15th anniversary. With the theme “Made By YOU – Celebrating Our Stories, Embracing New Possibilities”, Convergys puts its people front and center.

This focus on people has been true since Convergys Philippines opened its first contact center back in 2003, creating jobs and careers for talented Filipinos with its nationwide expansion, and helping build its communities and the country’s economy in the process. This same focus has enabled a number of breakthroughs such as nationwide operations from North Luzon to Mindanao, being first to be inducted into the ICT Hall of Fame as Best Company and Best Employer, first BPO in the world to gain the global standard on workplace gender equality, and sustaining its position as the country’s largest private employer. More than anything, this focus on people is perhaps the greatest quality the company has tried to sustain for the past 15 years – a place where employees know that they truly matter.

Now, 15 years of growth and 55,000 employees later, the company celebrated this milestone in the BIGGEST and BEST way, with another breakthrough: the FIRST-EVER concert headlining two of the country’s greatest singers, Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez.

Held last August 13 at the Araneta Coliseum, the concert was the first time the two musical artists starred together, and it was Convergys that successfully pulled off this casting coup.

Long-time followers of both the country’s Popstar Royalty and Asia’s Songbird can no doubt appreciate that the attributes shared by the two singers in their rise to fame seem to parallel the journey of Convergys and its people: talent, determination, hard work and dedication to excellence. The company’s workforce are the very reason that Convergys was able to maintain its status as an industry leader for a decade and a half. In that span of time, men and women across the country, with stories similar to Regine’s or Sarah’s realized their dreams through hard work and commitment, were able to provide for their loved ones, and able to contribute to the company’s legacy.

As Regine and Sarah headlined the historic concert for Convergys’ 15th anniversary together, the message was also clear: Convergys is breaking new ground and embracing new possibilities. Convergys’ success in having Regine and Sarah together in a single, momentous event also signaled a welcoming of a new chapter in its journey.

It seems fitting then, that on Regine’s 30th and Sarah’s 15th respective anniversaries in the entertainment industry, they joined forces for a perfect night of celebration in honor of Convergys’ employees and excitement for the company’s future. The concert title stayed true to theme: “Convergys at 15: Made By YOU – Celebrating Our Stories, Embracing New Possibilities.”

With its track record, Convergys has every right to look to its future with both satisfaction and optimism – with the assurance that its team is moving forward every step of the way, together.

“From the very beginning, our people, and the commitment we have to their growth and to the country, have been the backbone of our company,” says Convergys President for Asia-Pacific Ivic Mueco. “This celebration is to show our employees the gratitude and appreciation they so deserve, and to recognize the stories they made that brought us the industry leadership position we have today. In holding this concert – itself also a first – we are not only celebrating a milestone, we are also showing that the possibilities remain endless. Together, we are excited to become even stronger and better as we continue the journey forward,” she closes.

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