10 Summer Must Haves that I found in Shopee

Online shopping culture is growing exponentially here in the Philippines, Shopee is one of the top e-commerce site that is every useful via their website and their mobile application.

Since December 2017, I’ve been using Shopee for all my online shopping needs.

Shopee has a lot of products/merchants ranging from houseware to gadgets.

Now, its summer I’ve listed my 10 Summer Must Haves that I found in Shopee.

  1. Unisex Rash Guard – Summer will never be complete without spending some time under the sun and one of the best summer activity is, of course, swimming in the sea; keep yourself protected and stylish with a unisex rash guard.
  2. Unisex Water Shoes for Beach – Slippers on the beach? So last season! Keep a pair of unisex water shoes for the beach to keep you comfortable and protected while enjoying your summer activities.
  3. Porter 329 Unisex UV 400 Shiny Light Glasses – Going to the beach you need to wear an eye protection, but you must see to it that it’s also really hippy and stylish.
  4. Sport Watch Synoke Sy03 – A sporty watch is also a must have when going to the beach or doing any active water sports.
  5. Decathlon Ultra-Compact Microfibre Towel – Absorbent and compact is what makes the Decathlon Ultra-Compact Microfibre towel a must have to your summer vacation essentials.
  6. HD Action Camera w/ Floater – When you travel, take only memories, leave only footprints and this HD Action Camera can help you bring good memories that you can share with your friends and family.
  7. D&K Korean Long Traveling Bag – Going to the beach you also need to have a very comfortable traveling bag and D&K Korean Long Traveling Bag will really fit it.
  8. Banana Boat Sunscreen Protect and Hydrate SPF 50 – Having a good and reliable sunscreen really helps especially when you forget to bring your rash guard.
  9. AFT A-902 Instant Aircon Evaporative Air Cooler/Fan – Summer heat is here so keep your family, especial your kids, fresh and cool with AFT A-902 Instant Aircon Evaporative Air Cooler/ Fan.
  10. Natural Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask – A full day under the sun can surely make your face dry up so don’t forget to keep it healthy and moisturize.

So, on your summer escapade make sure you complete your summer essentials to have an unstoppable fun and adventure. And don’t worry because all the items on this summer must have list are available on Shopee were you are can shop with just a few clicks. You can even shop on items while on the beach and they will be delivered soon as we get home!

How about you? Do you have anything to add to this list?  Share it in the comments!

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