Pinoy Big Brother House Will Again Be Opened, Welcoming 10th Year

If there is one house that is well-known across the Philippines, aside from the President’s house, the Malacañang Palace, it is the Pinoy Big Brother House. And yes, the house that has welcomed different kinds of people from different parts of the Philippines is now re-opening, and welcoming it’s 10th year.

The reality TV show that revolutionized your viewing experience will once more change your prime time viewing as it opens for a new season.

Since August 2005, the PBB has produced 12 big winners and different editions — from the regular edition which features 18 years old and above, to celebrity edition, to teen edition, and to the recent installment which was the “All In” where it is an amalgamation of the previous editions held.

The teaser about the upcoming season of PBB has been released, but the details for the PBB 2015 is yet to be announced.



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Pinoy Big Brother House Will Again Be Opened, Welcoming 10th Year

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