Meralco Bill to Drop P0.19/kWh this January

Despite the increase in some public transportations such as the LRT and MRT, and the impending increase on the water bill, there is still something to be thankful for this first month of the 2015.

The Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) will drop P0.19 per kWh in the power rates for this January. If you are with a 200-per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) monthly consumption that will be a total of P38 drop in your monthly bill.

However, this drops, especially in the generation charges for the past few months may be, according to Meralco, difficult to sustain. This may be because the warmer temperatures of the coming summer season will coincide with the Malampaya gas facility shutdown, specifically in the March to April 2015.

Even so, many Filipinos should be grateful for the few expenses that were lessen, such as this month’s electricity bills.
We can only wish that the water bills will also drop soon.

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Meralco Bill to Drop P0.19/kWh this January