“Let It Go” Sung In 42 Languages By A Pinoy Graphic Designer

Another Pinoy has set the world in the web amazed and in awe as he posted a video of himself singing his rendition of the Oscars’ award-winning song “Let It Go” from the Disney animated movie “Frozen”.

Filipino graphic designer Neil Brian Bernardo took a month to memorize the whole song in his chosen 42 foreign languages.

And on New Year’s day, because he can’t sleep after his family’s celebration, he recorded and applauded the video that wowed many netizens.

The languages used in the video include Norsk (Norwegian), Slovene, Ukrainian, Portuguese (Brasil), Icelandic, Romanian, Croatian, Français, Eesti Keele (Estonian), Cantonese, Spanish (Latin America), Polsk (Polish), Latvian, Portuguese (Portugal), Mainland China Mandarin, Hebrew, Flemish, Classic Arabic, Czech, Lietuvių (Lithuanian), Slovak, Bulgarian, Nihongo (Japanese), Spanish (Castillano), Catalan, Russian, Greek, Türkçe, Svenska (Swedish), Magyar (Hungarian), Tiếng Việt, Taiwanese Mandarin, Suomi (Finnish), Italiano, ภาษาไทย (Thai), Nederlands (Dutch), Deutsche (German), Bahasa Melayu (Malaysian), 한국어 (Korean), Serbian, Dansk (Danish) and English.

Despite him describing his video as ‘crappy’, the effort to learn and sing the song in different languages is undeniably amazing. Though vocally he does not made a lasting impression, his amazing diction and seeming fluency in those 42 languages is really impressive.

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“Let It Go” Sung In 42 Languages By A Pinoy Graphic Designer