Lady Dancing Gracefully While Long Boarding

Long Boards are most often associated with cool kids and cute guys. But what if you see a cool chic dancing her way to longboarding, what could be your reaction?

Ana Maria Suzano, with both grace and cool does a little twist in your everyday ride on the board. Her feet dances, balances, and commands the longboard to do the same, thus, performing a dance with it in both ‘swag’ and grace.

Because longboard skateboard is longer and wider compare to a normal size skateboard, such movement like what Suzano does is possible with ample time of practice. It is more stable even when you do stunts like standing in the front edge and pose as Rose of the Titanic, just like Suzano did.

She danced away with the longboard not with just the typical dancing. Dancing, in skateboarding, is a trick or style that involves various walking in spinning moves. In the video, Suzano did a lot of dancing as she walked and spun with her longboard skateboard.

Watch this lady how she does it and maybe you can make a dance step of your own with your longboard.

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Lady Dancing Gracefully While Long Boarding