The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. But what happens when you walked in a hair salon to have your hair done and your hair are just falling out? You start praying that it was just all a bad dream, right?

Hairdresser Gives Women Their Worst Fear through a Prank on Hair Falling Out

One hairdresser pulled out a prank on his clients making them think that their hair is falling out as the hairdresser continues to brush their hair.

Thanks to hair extensions, the client believed that it was all true. They all have the same reactions from: “That was my hair?” “What was going on?” to “Did all my hair just fall out?” “Is that my hair?”

Omar Gosh, of YouTube channel OmarGoshTV, who is also a hairdresser took the opportunity to pull up a prank on his clients and post it on his channel. The clients were really frightened and after he told them it was just a prank, they laughed it off telling him that it was mean and so evil.

What if the same thing happened to you? Watch the whole video, and leave your thoughts on this below.

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