“The Bottomline” Tackles Laude-Pemberton Case and Binay Political Controversy

In the midst of circulating speculations about the murder of transgender woman Jennifer Laude in Olongapo City and the controversy hounding Vice President Jejomar Binay for his alleged ill-gotten wealth and his plans for the 2016 elections, three legal counsels and political analysts will take the spotlight in “The Bottomline” this Saturday (October 25).

Boy Abunda with Atty. Harry Roque, Clarita Carlos and Mon Casiple

Human rights lawyer Atty. Harry Roque, political analyst and academician Clarita Carlos and Institute for Political and Electoral Reform executive director Mon Casiple will share their views regarding the Philippine-US ties, the Visiting Forces Agreement, and the simmering corruption case against Vice President Binay and the 350-hectare property he allegedly owns.

Should the Visiting Forces Agreement be abolished? Would the Olongapo murder case affect military agreements between the Philippines and the US?

Is it the end of the Aquino-Binay alliance? What are the predictions for the upcoming 2016 elections?

“The Bottomline” Tackles Laude-Pemberton Case and Binay Political Controversy

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