35 Pinay Nurses Displaced by Fire in Riyadh

Pinay nurses were displaced by fire in Riyadh, morning of Spetember 19, after a said faulty wiring caused it to spread to five rooms. The 35 Filipina nurses are all employees of the Al Hayat Polyclinic It was reported that the fire started from room 2 and quickly spread to the neighboring rooms traveling through the ceiling.

No nurse was hurt during the incident. However, all of them were forced to stay in the basement while there was no place for them to stay yet.

The nurses said most of them are new and have not yet gotten their salary because they have just been in Riyadh for one month. They were all in shock because of what happened.

Despite their condition, in shock and with no sleep, they said they were forced to report for duty the following day.

The 35 nurses were already visited by The Philippine Overseas Labor Office to personally check their condition.

35 Pinay Nurses Displaced by Fire in Riyadh

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