Joe Gallo, a 22-year old fraternity brother from California has been in the limelight as he takes on a 100 day with eating burritos.

100 days of Burrito Aims to Raise Awareness and Funds for a Frat Bro With Cancer

His act was not to focus the limelight to him but to raise awareness and funds at the same time for his fraternity brother Bret Grund who had been recently diagnosed with stage IV Glioma.

For 100 days, Joe eats a hefty burrito and through that was able to raise a first cheque with $ 9, 379.29 Joe used the social media for a cause and it is to help his brother Bret.

On the 100th day, they celebrated it with Bret greeting them online, thanking everyone who supported, escpecially Joe.

The 100th burrito was served with fireworks as in mood of celebration.

Watch the journey of Joe with the Burrito for a cause.

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