10-year old Dog Saved the Life of His Vietnam Veteran Master

They are not just an ordinary pet, sometimes they are part of the family. Sometimes they serve not only as a man’s best friend, sometimes they serve as a man’s hero. Dogs can become like that. Just like Chance, a 10-year old Boxer Pit bull who was able to save his master’s life from the jaws of death.

Billy Collins, a Vietnam veteran, has been living with his boxer-pit bull, Chance, for years. Chance has been a loyal companion for Collins and a source of comfort from being alone. Their companionship grew stronger after Chance saved Collins from a near death experience.

It was one day in a summer when Collins accidentally slip and fell, cutting his forehead. Chance, his dog, tried to wake his master up, who was then covered with blood. When Chance can’t get him up, the dog went out for help. He opened the screen door and jump over the link fence.

The neighbors discovered Chance at their front door covered with blood. And that’s when they realized there must be something wrong going on inside the home of Collins.

Collins has now recovered and is back to his normal life. Thanks to his real hero, the Vietnam veteran is still alive and is taking care of Chance, as he did to his master.

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10-year old Dog Saved the Life of His Vietnam Veteran Master